Vocal Group Harmony Lives !

Some of the best American music ever made and a musical genre which has been vastly overlooked is vocal group harmony music. While vocal group harmony can cover a multitude of styles, this page focuses on two types, R&B Group Harmony primarily from  the 1950's - more commonly known as Doo-Wop, and also Black Gospel Quartet Music, mostly from the  late 1940's and 1950's.

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What You Can Find Here

trainmov.gif (20792 bytes) "Harmony Train" -  Webcast

Listen to carefully selected R&B and Gospel Vocal Group Harmony Gems

Hosted by Jim & Nikki

Photo presented      

"Time Capsule Show" 

The Time Capsule Show

Listen to Vintage shows from 1960's-70's and learn about this Classic Radio show

NEW show added 3/22/2010

Clovers "Group Interviews"

Clovers- Five Keys -Flamingos- Orioles

Interviewed at the 1964-65 Apollo Oldies Show

Soul Trip USA

Soultrip-USA - April 29/30 - 2006

Persuaders - Spellbinders - Sidney Barnes - Laura Lee - Archie Bell - more

UGHA-Hotel U.G.H.A. Collectors Show Weekend 6 /10-11/2005

Heartbeats -Willows -Darlettes - 4 Dots- more

Arthur Tribute "Arthur Crier Tribute"

Fordham University -  March 4, 2005 - Bronx, NY

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DOO-WOP IN DC -  JUNE 24 - 26, 2004 - WASHINGTON, DC



LP-cov.jpg (53641 bytes) Little Phineas & The Pheasants - "Doo-Woppin' In Birdland"

  produced by Jim Dunn 


UGHA 2001 Hall Of Fame 

May 5, 2001 --UGHA HOF Main Ceremony/Show, Luncheon

May 4, 2001 --Internet Doo-Wop clubs pre-show party

The Foto      

"Great Day In D.C"

February 3, 2000 --Historic Presentation of Photo from "Great Day In Harlem"

Metros pic   

     Metros - Crystals 

Collector Book

 Selected Bibliography

Useful books & publications about the music for research & collecting.   

Group pic Great Day In Harlem

"Great Day In Harlem"

June 6, 1999 Historic Photo Session & Presentation

Bronx Artists

  Jim & Nikki meet Bronx Artists 12/26/98

Detroit Artists 

Jim & Nikki meet Detroit Artists (10/98)


Diablos - Velvet Angels - Four Sonics

Diablos - now available for booking - 2008

  Diablos Discography - updated 11/12/2003

Pyramids Royal Holidays - Pyramids
Satintones Satintones
Four Vagabonds
Other Doo-Wop Groups
Spirit Of Memphis

Gospel Quartets

( Golden Gate Quartet - Famous Blue Jay Singers - Zion Travelers - Swan Silvertones - Spirit Of Memphis - Soul Stirrers )

"Odds & Ends - Miscellaneous Musical Events !"

A mix of musical events Jim & Nikki have been involved with

N-J- Lead East Pictures & Information About Jim & Nikki
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