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last updated 02/25/2009

Q.- Is Little Phineas related to any of the other "Little" people, like Little Willie John, Little Richard, or Little Eva?

A.- Although Little Phineas has great respect for these other "Little" people, he has never been able to establish any genetic links to any of them.

Q.- Is there a connection between "Little Phineas" and the Disney show "Phineas & Ferb" ?

A.- There are unsubstantiated rumors that the Disney character was modeled in part on elements of   Little Phineas' history. Considering their show came out in 2008 and Little Phineas re-emerged in 2003, you be the judge. I may have my legal staff further investigate the matter.

Q.- Why haven't I heard of Little Phineas before ?

A.- This may be perhaps due in part to Little Phineas' somewhat reclusive nature, or it may be failure on the part of his management to provide sufficient exposure. But the important thing is that you have discovered him now.

Q.- How did Little Phineas get that name ?

A.- As a toddler, he was abandoned by his parents and taken in by a group of migrant gypsy poultry farmers.Their most prized fowl was a very handsome India Blue Peacock named Phineas.The bird and the young boy bonded instantly and became constant companions.As the gypsies didn't know the little child's birth name, they decided to call him "Little Phineas".

Q.- The CD cover shows pictures of Peacocks. How come the group name is Little Phineas & The Pheasants ?

A.- Good observation ! If you've already read the previous question, you know that Little Phineas was named for a Peacock. Well technically, Peacocks are members of the Pheasant family, and frankly it just rolls off the tongue better.

Q.- Did Little Phineas make any recordings during the 1950s or '60s?

A.- None that were commercially issued. An LP was scheduled for release in 1963, but the record producer disappeared under mysterious circumstances and the master tapes were never recovered.

Q.- Is there any truth to the rumor that the original Pheasants group were actually real birds ?

A.- This may be one of those half truths, that develops into an Urban Legend. Little Phineas was first observed singing as a child in the company of Phineas the Peacock and some of the other resident fowl on the poultry farm. They would make interesting musical vocalizations together, but never formed an organized group. It was only when Little Phineas sought human accompanyment that the name Little Phineas & The Pheasants began to be used.

Q.- Is the "Mr.Phineas" original song on the CD autobiographical ?

A.- Oh, heavens no! Little Phineas would never describe himself in such glowing terms. He's much too modest.The song is about Phineas the Peacock, whom Little Phineas is named after.

Q.- Will "Doo-Woppin' In Birdland" be available in any other format than CD?

A.- The jury is still out on that. But, we have been considering 78rpm and 8 track formats if there proves to be enough demand for them.

Q.- Can we expect more recordings from Little Phineas in the future?

A.- Little Phineas is already working on hatching some ideas for another musical excursion. If the response to "Doo-Woppin In Birdland" is as good as expected, then a sequel is quite possible.

Q.- Is Little Phineas available for live perfomances ?

A.- Yes, Little Phineas would love to appear at your show or special event. You can e-mail him from the "Venues" section of the menu, or if you are really anxious just click here.

Q.- Is there any truth to the rumor that Little Phineas and Jim Dunn are related or perhaps even the same person ?

A.- That's been a recurring inquiry. After careful consideration, our thoughts are that the rumor may indeed be grounded in fact. It appears that Little Phineas and Jim Dunn are like two sides of the same coin, or perhaps mirror images of each other. Although during the recording of the CD, we thought they really were separate entities. The public will be advised if our present evaluation changes.

Q.- Can I order the "Doo-Woppin' In Birdland" CD from this website ?

A.- Oh, but of course ! Little Phineas tries to think of everything. Just click on the "Order CD" link , and you will be magically transported to CD Baby who handles our online sales..

Q.- What other musical projects has Jim Dunn been involved with lately  ?

A.- Jim has worked  with a local PA artist, Judith Confer-Giorno on production of two newly released (July / Nov 2006) contemporary Christian CDs. Jim arranged and produced the CDs, one of which is available on CD Baby (Click Here) . The Pheasants were brought in to provide background vocals. In 2009, he is currently working on completing an album of his own original music. He has also been performing again at local venues.

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