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“Doo-Woppin' in Birdland” by Little Phineas and The Pheasants is a collection of doo-wop delights that have been faves of Little Phineas over the years. They are presented here with fresh new Little Phineas treatments, including vocal harmonies by the Pheasants, and instrumental backgrounds.  Two Little Phineas originals, “Love Of A Lifetime” and “Mr. Phineas” are also included.

Little Phineas hopes you'll be "pheasantly" surprised when you purchase his new CD. But Little Phineas also knows that every little Swallow and every Chickadee out in Birdland would like to have an idea of what they're getting, before they part with their hard earned  dollars. So here are some MP3 samples for you to check out .

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Doo-Woppin' In Birdland - The Tracks

1)     Wings Of An Angel

12) How Can I Find True Love
2)     Zoom, Zoom, Zoom 13) When You Dance
3)     You Are 14) Love Of A Lifetime
4)     Shifting Sands 15) Baby I Love You So

5)     Congratulations

16) Oh Baby
6)     A Fallen Tear 17) Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild

7)     Only The Angels Know

18) It’s Too Soon To Know

8)     So Fine

19) Let’s Start All Over Again
9)     Made Up My Mind 20) Who’s That Knocking

10) Mr. Phineas

21) The Way Love Should Be

11) You’re The Only Girl Dolores

22) Danny Boy

BONUS Acappella Tracks----------------------->>

23)Wings Of An Angel

24)Made Up My Mind

  On behalf of myself, and Little Phineas and The Pheasants, we of course appreciate all the great artists who originally created these wonderful songs way back when. Whether or not they were hits, they have stood the test of time, and still provide enjoyment today after all these years. Thanks to the artists, DJs and promoters who have helped keep the doo-wop scene alive and vital for 50 + years. And special thanks go out to my special lady, Nikki who has provided lots of encouragement and also shown considerable patience, as this project has come to fruition.

Jim Dunn

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"Echoes Of The Past" magazine  reviewed "Doo-Woppin In Birdland" in their recent issue # 70. We couldn't be more pleased.  If you're not currently subscribing to "Echoes Of The Past", you can contact them here. Little Phineas encourages you to do so. Their gracious review follows.

“Doo-Woppin’ In Birdland”

 Little Phineas & The Pheasants


 Here is a new and fresh CD on great classic oldies and obscure tunes from the 50’s. You’ve probably heard that term before, “Fresh and new”, but trust me, these fine-feathered friends really do give these tunes a classic easy going treatment. With a set of 20 cover songs, 2 originals, and two bonus acappella tracks destined to delight doo wop fans nationwide, Little Phineas & The Pheasants have collaborated on something special. “Wings Of An Angel” opens up and it is sweet ! Followed by the superb “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom” we are flying high in the nighttime sky ! We shift gears on the Nutmegs gem, “Shifting Sands”, which is smooth, and we ease into “Congratulations”, the jewel of Al Banks and the Turbans. When I first heard the opening of the Fiestas classic, “So Fine” I had to look at my liner notes! I told you these were different arrangements. Joe Weaver & The Don Juans' version of “Baby I Love You So” is filled with emotion, and where do you see anybody else doing that song? The birds (guys?) get cooking’ with “Let’s Start All Over Again” and another fascinating unity on “Who’s that Knocking”. “Danny Boy” has just enough soulful, simple melodic timbre to it to make you want more.



The two originals have just enough sizzle and swing to them to call them “instant” classics.  “Mr. Phineas” will explain a lot of things and “Love Of A Lifetime” is a special song about a special lady. This CD is not a pulverizing brand of decibel shattering mayhem, but a well-crafted journey of 24 songs that should be enjoyed over a bottle of merlot. The lead singer is relaxed and peaceful in fronting the rest of the group. The harmonies are tight and on the money. This has been a project and “labor of love” for veteran Jim Dunn and his efforts are well rewarded in this endeavor. Add this to your collection.


-Bob Belniak

Echoes Of The Past

Issue No. 70


Some Comments

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It's great to hear some grass roots DooWop. Before this CD, the sounds on 'Doo Woppin in Birdland' were extremely hard, if not impossible to find. The harmony is smooth; outstanding!   This is one CD we keep handy! Let's hear more from you, Little Phineas.(J.G.- PA)


"I rec'd the CD today, and just finished playing it----it's great!! You really captured the distinct sound of the 50's." (K.S.- MD)

"Got some excellent response to your CD on my show." (S.W.- NY)

"Your CD arrived today and I thoroughly enjoyed it.A very nice,"smooth" job!" (R.B.- NY)

"The group has wonderful harmony with a great selection of songs." (K.M. - OH)

"Great CD.  See you at Lead East." (M&R.- IL)

"Got your CD Thursday. Congratulations on an Outstanding CD" (J.P. -VA)

" have chosen some great selections.Thanks again for sending the CD, and the great effort you put into it." (B.L. - CA)

"You did an amazing job on 'Doo-Woppin' In Birdland' ." (B.Y. - PA)

"I'm your NO.1 FAN.  I love your cd.'WINGS OF AN
ANGEl' is my favorite song of all time." (J.B. - NJ)

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