This & That and Thensome!

Just some "Kodak moments" taken at the Lodi Hall, and at the Holiday Inn Internet party

At the Lodi Hall before the big show

UGHA and Lead East regulars and record collectors, Doowop Mike, Jim, Tommy Harford

George Lavetelli (Relic Record Shop) & Bobby Jay

Collectors, Discographers, & Radio Show Hosts

Top row: George Frunzi, Seymour Simon, Frank Gengaro

Bottom row: Frank Cassi, Mike Bauer, Marv Goldberg

Against the wall: Pete Finn & Gorden Skadberg

Dave Goddard (Aquatones), Jim, Brad Day

A Contender (Jack Strong) and a Pheasant (Little Phineas)

And last but not least, just a few Kodak moments from the Internet Doowop Party at the Holiday Inn - June 10, 2005

Move over Arlene Smith! Beverly Lindsay-Johnson sings "Maybe" with the help of Nate Thomas's doowop choir!

Nate Thomas conducts his doowop choir (Jim on keyboard, Beverly Lindsay-Johnson on mike, Jack Strong (Contenders) & Jack Jackson (4 Palms) & others

Nate Thomas (4 Palms) and Jim (Little Phineas)

Jim, Beverly Lindsay-Johnson, Dick Plotkin

Marsha Grant, Joe Panerella, Dot from Pittsburgh

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