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East Brunswick Hilton, N.J.

April 29th & 30th, 2006

All photos are property of Nikki Gustafson & Jim Dunn and may not be copied or used without permission.


There was a lot great talent gathered together for these two days. Here's a few pictures of some (not all) who were in attendance.


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Weldon McDougal (Larks on Sheryl "It's Unbelievable" & "I Can't Believe It" - 1961,  & 4 Larks on Uptown "It's Unbelievable" & "Keep Climbing" - 1967; owner of Hawthorne Records) & Bobby Jay (Laddins - Central "Did It" - 1957 &  Grey Cliff "Yes, Oh Baby Yes' - 1959; sings with today's Teenagers group; former CBS-FM radio deejay)

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Weldon McDougal - Da Man!!!!

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Sidney Barnes (Serenaders on Chock Full O'Hits "I Wrote A Letter", "Dance Darling, Dance" - 1957, MGM & Rae Cox 1958 & 1959, Riverside "Adios, My Love" - 1963, Motown "If Your Heart Says Yes" - 1963, & as solo artist on Gemini "Wait My Love" 1961, and recorded on Red Bird in the mid 1960's; Rotary Connection on Cadet Concept 1967 - 1970, & much much more!)

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Sidney Barnes

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Bobby Jay, Kevin Roberts (promoter of show), Timothy Wilson, Sidney Barnes

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Herman Santiago (Teenagers), Sidney Barnes (Serenaders), Timothy Wilson (Tiny Tim & the Hits/Serenaders)

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Laura Lee

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The Spellbinders

("Chain Reaction", "Help Me" - Columbia)

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McArthur Mumford (original Spellbinders)

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Soul Shakers


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Soul Shakers

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The Escorts

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Freddie Scott ("Hey Girl", "I Got A Woman",  "Mr. Heartache", "Lonely Man", "I Gotta Stand Tall", "Are You Lonely For Me", dozens more!)

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Freddie Scott singing "Stand By Me".

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Archie Bell

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Archie Bell listening for everyone's help on "Here I Go Again"

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Richard Poindexter

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Margaret Ross (Cookies) now & back then!

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Louise Murray (Hearts) & Hubby Donald

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Barbara Harris (Toys)

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Bobby Jay, Timothy Wilson, Sidney Barnes (ready to sing!)

They were scheduled to perform as the Serenaders (George Kerr couldn't make it, so Bobby was replacing him), but they couldn't perform, due to premature removal of the main sound system!

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Two of today's Teenagers - Bobby Jay & Herman Santiago

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The audience loving it all!


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They want more!

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