UGHA HOF Luncheon

May 5, 2001

The luncheon at the Casino in Scheutzen Park (UGHA Home) included meeting some of the finest legendary rhythm & blues vocal group artists of our music genre. I hope each picture tells a thousand words!

Jim, Johnny Bragg (Prisonaires/Marigolds), Warren Suttles (Ravens)

Johnny Bragg & Jay Johnson (Diablos-Velvet Angels-Four Sonics)

Warren Suttles, Johnny Bragg, & Jay Warner (author of Prisonaires book "Just Walking in the Rain")

Johnny Bragg & Nikki

Leonard Puzey & Warren Suttles of the Ravens

The beautiful Jay Johnson family - Lamont & Shiela top row; Jay & Betty bottom row

Shiela Johnson-Harden, Johnny Bragg, Barbara (Jay's sister-in-law), Betty (Jay's wife),

Jay, Misti (Johnny Bragg's daughter)

Jay Johnson, Shiela Johnson-Harden, Lamont Johnson

Otis Williams (Charms) & Rollie Willis (Charms & Contenders)

Otis Williams & his Charms - Jay Johnson (Diablos) in middle

Otis Williams & His Charms

Nikki getting hug by her favorite Charm, Otis Williams!

Bo (friend), Carl Jones (Delta Rhythm Boys) & Charlie Horner (historian)

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