UGHA Hall of Fame Weekend

May 4 & May 5, 2001

This has been one of the most exciting weekends of my life! There were so many special moments and memorable events, I hardly know where to start! There are so many people to thank for making it a success, so I'll start with that: Thanks to Ronnie I, founder and president of UGHA. Where else can you see our pioneer legends get honored in this manner? Hats off to Ronnie and his hardworking staff for making this happen! Thanks to our internet doowop friends & club founders Barbara Yatsko, Barbara Lesiak, Bruce Woolf, and Frank Pellicone for organizing and arranging a wonderful pre-Hall of Fame party where both fans of the music, as well as the original performers of some of our favorite groups were able to gather in a relaxed casual atmosphere, jam, and make friends with each other before the big night! Thanks to Steve Monetti & Vinnie DiVita, Jim's friends and partner-Vercells for coming to entertain at the party, and to be part of a Diablos/Velvet Angels back-up group for one weekend! Thanks to the following artists who also helped make the party a success with their musical and singing talents: Nate Thomas & James Jackson (4 Palms on Aladdin), Jack Carlson (Roomates on Valmor), Dave Goddard (Aquatones on Fargo), Dick Plotkin (Precisions & Paramounts), and Betty Semel (Streetheart). Very very special thanx goes out to our dear friend, Mr. Jay Johnson, Diablos bass from 1956 to 1963, as well as bass with the Velvet Angels, Andre Williams & New Group, Nathaniel Mayer & the Twilights, and the 4 Sonics. Additionally, we want to thank his daughter Shiela Harden and his son Lamont, for their participation with some great gospel harmony both nights. Now I would like to share some of our favorite photos from the weekend. Page 1 will be devoted to the pre-HOF party; page 2 to the HOF luncheon, and page 3 to the HOF ceremony/show.

May 4, 2001 - The Party at HoJos

We even get our own sign!

Nate Thomas & James Jackson of the 4 Palms on Aladdin

James Jackson, Nate Thomas, and Jim warming up!

Jim, Nate Thomas, James Jackson, Dave Goddard (Aquatones), Jack Carlson (Roomates)

Dick (Precisions/Paramounts), Jim (Vercells), Vinnie (Vercells), Steve (Vercells), Jack (Roomates)

Nate Thomas, Jim, Lamont Johnson (Jay's son), James Jackson, Shiela Hardon (Jay's daughter), Jay Johnson

Same as above, but more pumped up in harmony!

Dick, Jim, Vinnie, Steve, Jay, Jack

Jim, Dick, Steve, Betty, Vinnie, Jack

Tony O, Carl & Robin, Sandi & Ronnie I

James, Nate, Dick, Jim, Vinnie, Steve, Jay, Jack

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