A Great Day in Harlem

June 6, 1999, additions


The Rivileers talking about old times; left to right: Gene Pierson, Errol Leonard, Leon (actor in Temptations movie), Herb Crosby, Don Cruz (from Metros & Vocaleers), Rev. Alphonso Delaney; in center is Milton Edwards

Timothy Wilson of Tiny Tim & the Hits with Bobby Jay of the Laddins & host on WCBS-FM Radio

Herb Cox, dapper lead of the Cleftones, enjoying the day!

Clickettes, Dice recording artists, are happy to be here on this special day; left to right: Rose (not a Clickette, but a friend of Barbara Jean English), Barbara English, Sylvia Hammond Akridge, Trudy McCartney Cunningham (thanks to John Clemente for this info)

"Lovable Lillie" Lillian Leach of the Mellows proudly wearing the June 6, 1999, commemorative tee-shirt in honor of this special day!

Bobby Ward (middle) of the legendary 5 Sharps on Jubilee, together with Wilbur "Buzzy" Brown & Robert Brown of the Beltones on Hull & Symbols on Old Town; Robert Brown also recorded with the Masters on End (info courtesy of Marv Goldberg)

Nikki enjoying the company of: L to R: Arthur Crier, Caleb Ginyard III, Herbie Cox

The pictures below were taken at the concert & presentation which took place at the Schomberg Center after the photo shooting. Most of the pictures below were taken with our camcorder and then transferred onto the computer and into jpeg format. Because of the fact that what you see is several generations less than the originals, they are not of the quality we would like them to be. Hopefully, we'll be able to upgrade the images in the future.

The Exhilerations start the crowd going!

Milton Love, George Magnezid, & Freddie Barksdale of the Solitaires giving a great performance!

Baby Washington still hitting those notes on "The Time"

Super talented DC group, the Jewels, sockin' it to the audience on "Opportunity Knocks"

Beverly Lindsay swingdancing with her D.C. hand-dancers

The Original Chantels, Arlene Smith, Lois Harris, Sonia Goring, and Rene Minus re-unite in song (sadly, we lost Jackie Landry a few years ago - but Jackie will always be in our hearts)

The 5 Discs at their best!

The Morrisania Review aka Voices of Doowop, so much an important part of this wonderful day!

The smooth voice of Bill Lindsay on "You're Mine" in tribute to Dean Barlow

Arthur Crier receiving Proclamation issued by the City of New York, declaring June 6, 1999, as A Salute to the Pioneers of R&B/Doowop Day!

Arthur Crier, proud, happy, & exhausted, thanking everyone for their contributions & participation in making June 6, 1999, such a special time! And we thank YOU, Arthur, for all YOUR contributions over the years to rhythm & blues music!

Thanks also to Jerry Skokandich & Mike Caldarullo (both now deceased) for some of the photos above.


Copyright Jim Dunn & Nikki Gustafson
Last revised: August 17, 2006.


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