Great Day in D.C. - February 3, 2000


The Atlanta DooWop Association and its New York Chapter, DooWop Is Alive!

Cordially invite you to attend the reception


A History of Black Photographers

1840 to the Present

February 3, 2000

Smithsonian Institution - Arts & Industries Building

We will unveil the portrait made by the Magnum photographer

Eli Reed in Harlem New York, entitled

Salute to the Pioneers of Rhythm and Blues and Doo-Wop, June 6, 1999.

The photograph was made in recognition of the singers and songwriters who were trailblazers of rhythm and blues and doo-wop music of the 1950s and 1960s.

The unveiling and donation of Salute to the Pioneers of Rhythm and Blues and DooWop, June 6, 1999, mark the beginning of an effort by the Atlanta DooWop Association, its affiliates, and the Smithsonian's Anacostia Museum and Center for African American History and Culture to collect materials and continue the legacy of this important era in American music.

Project Director, Arthur Crier

Project Staff: Eugene Tompkins, Clyde Frazier, and Beverly Lindsay

Please RSVP by January 20, 2000 to Arthur Crier: 718-617-4630

(Webmaster's footnote: Jim was (unfortunately) not able to attend, but was missed by everyone and was there in spirit!)

Reflections in Black is more than an exhibit. It is a collective historical record. It is visual testimony. It is cultural memory. It is also an indicator of things to come. On Sunday, June 6, 1999, the first chapter of this special piece of music history began. On that date, early rhythm and blues and doowop artists gathered in Harlem, New York for a portrait entitled "Salute to the Pioneers of Rhythm & Blues and DooWop - June 6, 1999". This portrait is a symbol of recognition to pioneers of a sound that became a signature of American culture. The donation of this photo is a part of a collaborative effort to continue the legacy of rhythm & blues and doowop of the 1940's, 50s and 60s.

Great Day in Harlem - June 6, 1999

Where the story began.......

.........Now the saga continues

Great Day In D.C. - February 3, 2000

A historical event told in pictures

Part 1 - At the Hotel

Many of the legends of RnB, as well as many of their supporters, fans, and friends gathered for this historical event. Some were staying at the same hotel, so the reunion and excitement started earlier in the day!

Doowop Donna, Gene Tompkins, Arlene Foote-Patterson, & Nikki with Billy Butts of the Midnighters in the hotel "living room"

Gene Tompkins and Connie Questall (Decoys) getting into the spirit.

Marsha Grant is chatting with some of the 5 Discs, Jack Scandura, Eddie Pardochi, Mike Stripoli, Shelley Buchansky, and Joe Piazza of the Blue Sonnets, while collecting money for the bus that will take many of us from the Smithsonian to the after-party in Maryland, and back to the hotel later on that night.

James "Jay" Johnson (Diablos), Arlene Foote-Patterson, & John E. Johnson (Starlings/Twilighters) are dressed and ready to go!

Renee Minus White (Chantels), Marty Schein (Chantel's manager), Naomi White (Renee's daughter), and Lois Harris Powell (Chantels) are also ready to go!

Arthur Crier (Five Chimes, Halos, Mellows), John E. Johnson, Gene Tompkins(Limelighters, Mellows), Paul Himmelstein (Heartbreakers), Jay Johnson are together again following their first meeting on June 6, 1999

More legends gather as the time to leave for the Smithsonian approaches. - Arthur Crier, John E. Johnson, Mrs. John E. Johnson, Billy Butts, Gene Tompkins, Caleb Ginyard III, Paul Himmelstein, Jay Johnson, Ed "Sonny" Jordan (5 Delights/Moodmakers)

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