Great Day in D.C - February 3, 2000

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Part IV - The After-party (continued)


Move over everyone! Here comes that great deep bass of Nolan Strong & the Diablos, the dapper Mr. Jay Johnson, doing an impromptu solo on Brook Benton's "Kiddio".

It's pretty evident that Barbara English and Sylvia Hammond Akridge of the Clickettes are really enjoying themselves here!

Jay Johnson and his beautiful wife, Betty, are really glad they made the trip in from Detroit.

The Rainbows plus one in harmony! (Rob, Poosie, Nikki, Joe, Sam)

Beverly Lindsay with friend/dance partner Joseph Britt-Bey do some great DC hand dancing!

Vocal Group Harmony Radio Jocks, Charlie Coleman (WYRE- Maryland), Gordon Skadburg (WRHU- New York), and Charlie Stinchcomb (WKHS-Maryland) are enjoying the singing and socializing.

Jay Johnson & Gene Tompkins just hanging loose and watching all have a great time!

Reese Palmer (Orioles/Regals) just relaxing!

But by now the festivities are winding down......

The chartered bus ride back to the hotel was just a continuation of the fun! Tired but happy, Doowop Donna, Gene, Nikki, Arlene (front row), Paul Himmelstein, Diana from L.A. (back row) listen to Jay Johnson (back row) share some wild stories about his days with Nolan Strong & the Diablos.

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