Great Day in D.C. - February 3, 2000

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Part III - the Ceremony

Beverly Lindsay starts the ceremony.

Arthur speaks about the background of the June 6, 1999 photo shoot.

(Nelson Martin from the Angels on Gee smiles for joy behind Beverly)

Congratulations go to these 4 very special people who worked so hard to get this all together: Clyde Frazier, Gene Tompkins, Arthur Crier, Beverly Lindsay

Here it is folks - the moment we've been waiting for -- the photo unveiling and presentation given by The Atlanta DooWop Association (Gene) and Doowop Is Alive (Arthur)

Frenchie Concepcion (Wrens) and Richard Barrett (Valentines) are invited up to speak.

Paul Himmelstein joins them and expresses his appreciation for being here.

The Chantels (Lois Harris Powell, Sonia Goring Wilson, Renee Minus White) come up to the "mike" and reunite with Richard Barrett. Jimmy Merchant (top left) of the Teenagers joins them.

Part IV - The After-party

Many of the guests of the Smithsonian celebration continued to enjoy the evening at the MJ Lounge in Capitol Heights, Maryland where a wonderful show and buffet was put together by Lawrence Berry (Velon's manager) and Beverly Lindsay.

Once again, we see, hear, and mingle with the legendary Rainbows from DC. Joe Walls, Sam Lee, Robert Eaglin, & Ron "Poosie" Miles sing up a storm!

The Velons, BJM recording artists, Bobby Horn, James Falwell, Jean Cheeks, Buddy Owens, and Gilbert Farrell keep the party going with their great harmony

It's "open mike" time, and the Clickettes (Trudy McCartney Cunningham, Sylvia Hammond Akridge, Barbara English) are happy to entertain the "troops" with their great voices!

These gals don't tire out! Continuing with their wonderful performance at the Smithsonian, the Jewels (Margie Clark, Grace Ruffin, Sandra Bears) share some more of their talent and energy at MJ's "open mike" time.

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