Great Day in D.C. - February 3, 2000

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Part II - Smithsonian Reception

Sam Lee (Rainbows), Jay Johnson, Jimmy Merchant (Teenagers), Robert Eaglin (Rainbows), Ron "Poosie" Miles (Rainbows) enjoy meeting and sharing memories about their groups and venues of the 50s.

Sonny Jordan, Jay Johnson, Nikki, Bill Lindsay (Twilighters, Starlings, Crickets, Cadillacs)

(Webmaster footnote: Nikki's in heaven here!)

The uniting of DC (Rainbows), Detroit (Diablos), NY (Teenagers)

Mary Merchant, Sam Lee, Jay Johnson, Jimmy Merchant, Robert Eaglin, Nikki, Ron "Poosie" Miles

(Webmaster footnote: Nikki's still in heaven!)

Arthur Crier, Jay Johnson, Albert "Diz" Russell (Regals/Orioles), Doowop Donna

Ray Figueroa & Sonny Jordan (both 5 Delights/Moodmakers), in tune with Frenchie Concepcion (Wrens)

Sonny Jordan, Jay Johnson, Bill Lindsay, all feeling great today!

Richard Barrett (Valentines) & Nikki

Arlene Foote-Patterson & Ron "Poosie" Miles

Jay Johnson and the lovely Lois Harris Powell of the Chantels

Gene Tompkins and Jimmy Merchant in deep thought, while Clyde Frazier snaps a shot of these two legends together

The Jewels (Sandra Bears, Grace Ruffin, Margie Clark) keep everyone in the spirit for the ceremonies which are about to begin!

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