All photographs Nikki Gustafson & Jim Dunn, 2004 and are not to be used without prior permission and credit

Day 1 - Warming Up at Hotel ! (page 1of 2)

Thursday, June 24, in the lobby of the Best Western  hotel

Jim, Mildred "Kym" Trant Smith (Socialites), Lorraine Anthanio Lofaso (Socialites), Nelson Martin (Angels on Gee), Anthony Lofaso (Lorraine's husband), Arthur Crier, Colleen Martin (Nelson's wife)

Jack Jackson & Nate Thomas (4 Palms)

Gino Parks ( Fortune/Miracle/Tamla/ recording artist), Jim Dunn, Jay Johnson (Diablos/Velvet Angels/Andre Williams New Group, Four Sonics)


John Ramsey (good friend of Bill Lindsay), Bill Lindsay (Cadillacs, Bachelors, Crickets, Montereys, Twilighters) Arthur Crier (Chimes on Specialty, Halos, Craftys, Mellows)

The ever so talented Clickettes - Sylvia Hammond Akridge, Lorraine Joyner (originally with the Veneers), Trudy McCartney Cunningham, Barbara Jean English

The exciting & gifted Socialites (Kym Smith & Lorriane Lofaso) & the Darlettes (Shirley Crier Fields & Queen McFarland)

Nikki, Kym & Lorraine (Socialites), Shirley & Queen (Darlettes)

Arthur Crier & Barbara English

Nikki, John Ramsey, Bill Lindsay, Arthur Crier

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