All photographs Nikki Gustafson & Jim Dunn, 2004 and are not to be used without prior permission and credit

Doo-Wop In D.C -Warming Up at The   Hotel (Page 2 of 2)


Shirley Crier Fields (Darlettes), Jim Dunn, Kym Smith (Socialites), Nelson Martin (Angels on Gee), Anthony Lofaso (Lorraine's husband), Lorraine Lofaso (Socialites), Arthur Crier, Colleen Martin (Nelson's wife)

Friends (fans & performers) mingling and loosening up for the big events: (top row): Jim, Bruce Woolf, Barbara English, Trudy McCartney Cunningham, Brian Donogan; (bottom row): Bronx Pat, Arthur Crier, Marsha Grant

Lillian's Aunt Jocyln & Lillian Leach

Jay Johnson (Diablos) & Jack Jackson (4 Palms) discuss the upcoming events

Gene Tompkins selling tickets for the shuttle bus, so no-one has to worry about driving and getting lost!

Jim sharing some laughter with Paul Albano & Eddie Pardocchi of the Five Discs


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