All photographs Nikki Gustafson & Jim Dunn, 2004 and are not to be used without prior permission and credit

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Doo-Wop In D.C - Howard University Gallery

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Display of sheet music, records, TheTeenagers' sweater, and other 50's memorabilia

Let's see some of these wonderful legends TODAY and YESTERDAY!

Gino Parks today & Gino Parks yesterday (photo to his right from early '60s)

Bill Lindsay today next to Bill Lindsay with Dean Barlow's Crickets (second group) yesterday (photo from the 1950's), and Lillian Leach joins in!

Queen & Shirley (Darlettes) today and Shirley with original Darlettes yesterday (photo from late 1950's includes original Darlette, Gail Noble, who has passed in 2001)

And some more guests mingling in the gallery.....

Jim, the lovely Betty Johnson (Jay's wife) and Jay

Gino Parks, Jay Johnson, Bill Lindsay, Caleb Ginyard III, & Jim

Bill Lindsay, Jay Johnson, Caleb Ginyard III, Gino Parks, Jim, Eddie Pardocchi (5 Discs)

Lillian Leach, Caleb Ginyard III, Bill Lindsay, Jay Johnson, Gino Parks, Jim

The very talented Roy Hamilton, Jr (sounds just like his dad) & his lovely wife Maria

Two of Bobby Thomas's Orioles together with Bobby

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