All photographs Nikki Gustafson & Jim Dunn, 2004 and are not to be used without prior permission and credit

Doo-Wop In D.C - Gallery - (Page 2 of 2) & XM Radio Headquarters

A reunion/tribute and fifth anniversary of the great day in Harlem (6/6/99) photo shoot!

Gene, Roberta McLeod (Blackburn Center Director), Arthur, & Beverly with photo of group from Great Day in Harlem, June 6, 1999

Gene, Roberta, & Arthur with Harlem photo

And more guests visit the gallery.....

Gene, Jay, Ernie Lee Warren (Cardinals), Jim, & Sonny Hatchett (sang with Cardinals on Bim Bam Boom sessions, sang with Sonny & the Dukes on Reverb "My Home", and sings in current Ink Spots group)

Kenny Marsh & Dick Plotkin (Magics/Precisions) with Ernie Lee Warren (Cardinals) & Jim

Gene Tompkins, Hal Jackson (veteran radio/stage host since 1930's; stations WLIB, WMCA, & WABC in NY in 1950's; also owned & managed the Washington bears championship-winning basketball team during the years of segregation), Beverly Lindsay-Johnson, Arthur Crier, Clyde Frazier

Roy Hamilton, Jr, Pookie Hudson, Jim, Dick Plotkin

Jay Johnson, Bill Lindsay, John Ramsey, Gino Parks

Gino Parks, Jay Johnson, Bill Lindsay, Caleb Ginyard III, Jim

Butch Harris (Chords), Jay Johnson, Ernie Lee Warren, Jim, Arthur Crier

And outside the gallery, Jay hits a few notes with the Magics/Precisions (Dick, Kenny, & Jim)

XM Satellite Radio Headquarters Tour - June 25, 2004 - 10:30 am

XM Satellite Radio is the "cable TV" of radio. Its subscription service is heard by a new technology of consumer receivers now available in cars and individual radio sets. You can listen to the programs nationally - from the east/west/north and south without changing your station. It is the latest in radio technology. XM's headquarters is located in Washington, DC. They have a 2 billion dollar state of the art facility. Veteran announcer Bobby Bennett is the program director for the "Soul Street" channels. He hosted the tour and solicited interviews from some of the artists who were in attendance for a radio show commemorating the 70 years of the Apollo Theater. Above is a photo (courtesy of Clyde Frazier, Sr.) of the recording artists who were in attendance that day.

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