Phineas James ( aka Jim Dunn) has been creating original music since  college days while performing in a number of bands and vocal ensembles. During those years, he also pursued formal music studies, earning a BA from Rutgers University and an MA from S.U.N.Y. Binghamton , majoring in Music Theory and Composition.  While in graduate school, he became involved in the newly emerging genre of electronic music synthesis. In this formative period, he managed the Electronic Music Studio at Binghamton University, and also participated in special classes  with the legendary synthesizer designer, Robert Moog at Cornell University and with composer Gershon Kingsley at the New School in NYC.


Pictures circa 1969-70

The first synthesizer  worked with was a Moog Modular System, part of the electronic Music Studio at SUNY Binghamton.

The Moog was a visually impressive beast, but one which needed frequent re-tuning when you were recording with it, due to constant oscillator drift. As can be seen in these pictures, the Moog systems resembled early telephone switchboards, where connections were made by multiple patch cords.


Phineas James has conducted Electronic Music Seminars at various colleges. He has worked with legendary synths like the ARP 2600 , and ARP Oydessy,


   the Mini-Moog, and more exotic early synths like the Putney

and Electro-Comp EML-101 and EML-200.



Currently, in his home studio, he works utilizing a mix of hardware and software synths. He utilizes software emulations of some of the vintage synths and to remind him of those early patch cord days, is now exploring composing using the Voltage Modular virtual synth platform. His music features strong melodic lines, and has been influenced by his exposure to multiple musical genres, including Contemporary Classical, early electronic music composers, Jazz, R&B, Reggae, New Age, Latin, Cajun and more. In 2010 he released his first CD of original music entitled "Dream-Scapes".

Phineas James is available for collaboration with other artists, especially videographers and film makers.




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