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I've been creating music since my days in high school and college, and have been working with musical synthesis since the pioneer days of Electronic Music, when you used patch cords, and the synthesizer looked like a telephone switchboard..

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                                       circa 1969-70

The first synthesizer I worked with was a Moog Modular System, part of the electronic Music Studio at SUNY Binghamton, where I earned a Masters Degree in Music Theory & Composition. The Moog was a visually impressive beast, Studio-2.jpg (180289 bytes)but one which needed frequent retuning when you were recording it, due to constant oscillator drift.

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I've conducted  Electronic Music Seminars at various colleges. And I've also worked with legendary

synths like the ARP 2600    Arp-2600-BW.jpg (73266 bytes)

    and ARP Oydessy,

the Mini-Moog and more exotic early synths like the Putney

and Electro-Comp EML-101 and EML-200.

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Currently, in my home studio, I work primarily in SONAR Producer and Pro-Tools, utilizing a mix of hardware and software synths. In fact, I've even got the Arturia Moog Modular V soft-synth to remind me of those early patch cord days. My music features strong melodic lines, and has been influenced by my exposure to multiple musical genres, including Contemporary Classical, early electronic music composers, Jazz, R&B, Reggae, New Age, Latin, Cajun and more.

I'm available for collaboration with other artists, especially videographers and film makers.


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