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Bronx Groups  - continued   1/19/99

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musical notes

Bill Lindsay

Last, but not least is Bill Lindsay! Bill has been living in Upstate New York for many years and has been singing for the Lord. He had lost contact with these gentlemen whom he sang and recorded with in the 50s. But thanks to the wonder of the internet, and to our good fortune in “meeting” his daughter, Beverly, on line, we have  helped to reunite Bill back with his former singing buddies. Bill was a versatile singer who could fit in anywhere and his wonderful tenor voice was a perfect compliment to the groups he was involved with. Bill recently passed away - June 20, 2012.

Starlings 45

In 1954, Bill sang and recorded with the Starlings who recorded “My Plea For Love” b/w "Music Maestro Please" on Josie . This configuration was also known as the Twilighters , and in 1955 released on MGM  “Half Angel” b/w “Little Did I Dream”. The Twilighters consisted of Larry Gales, Bill Lindsay, John E. Johnson, and Donald Redd.

Twilighters 45

In 1953, Bill joined former MGM label mates the Crickets (2 releases on MGM), who were now on Jay Dee, and who had previously recorded "Dreams And Wishes" b/w "When I Met You" and “I'm Not The One You Love” b/w “Fine As Wine” in 1953 .The original Crickets  group consisted of Dean Barlow,  Rodney Jackson, Harold Johnson (later with the Mellows), Eugene Stapleton and Leon Carter. (see photo below)

Crickets group

This new or 2nd Crickets group was made up of Bill, Dean Barlow, Robert Bynum, and Joe "Ditto" Dias (also  bass for the Chords). This aggregation released "Changing Partners" b/w "Your Love" in 1953 and "Just You" b/w "My Little Baby's Shoes" in 1954.

By the end of 1954 there was yet another group of Crickets. This ensemble consisted of Dean Barlow, Bill, Bobby Spencer, and Freddie Barksdale - (see studio photo below ). They recorded “Are You Looking For A Sweetheart” b/w “Never Give Up Hope”.

Crickets w/ Bill & Freddie

Photo courtesy of Beverly Lindsay & used by permission

(l-r Dean Barlow, Bobby Spencer, Bill Lindsay, Freddie Barksdale)

Come 1955 the Crickets were no more, but in their place had sprung up the Bachelors . Along side Bill we find Dean Barlow and Joe “Ditto” Dias once again, this time joined by Waldo Champen, and Billy Baines.

The Bachelors had two releases on the Earl label ,“Dolores” (featuring Waldo on lead), and “I Want To Know About Love” which featured Bill on lead. The latter was also written by Bill. Their 2nd release in 1956 was "Baby" b/w "Tell Me Now" and was billed as Dean Barlow & The Bachelors.

bachelors 45

In 1957, Bill went on to record with the second Cadillacs group  ( see 2nd Cadillacs saga above). And with fellow Caddy's J.R. Bailey, Waldo Champen, and Bobby Spencer recorded one single for Josie “Please Be My Girlfriend” b/w "Broken Heart". “Don’t Be Mad At My Heart”, with Bill on lead, was also recorded, but didn’t come out on a single . However,it can be found on the Jubilee LP “The Crazy Cadillacs issued in 1959.

Also in 1957, Bill rejoined Dean Barlow once more, this time as part of the Montereys  and recorded “Dearest One” (see photo above in Waldo Champen section) b/w “Through the Years” on Onyx . Besides Bill & Dean, the group included  Ed "Sonny" Jordan, & Waldo Champen.

Morrisania Revue

Morrisania Banner

This very talented group consists of many legends of group harmony music.

Arthur Crier ( Chimes, Halos, Craftys, Mellows, Little Guy & The Giants)

Gene Tompkins (Limelighters/Mellows)

Waldo Champen ( Bachelors,Cadillacs Montereys,MoodMakers/5 Delights)

Sammy Fain (Mellows)

Lillian Leach (Mellows)

Dean Barlow (Crickets/Montereys/Bachelors)

Bobby Mansfield (Wrens)

Hal Keshner (piano & arranger).

Morrisania Poster

The Morrisania Review   released an excellent CD of their material entitled "Voices",  and were still performing in 1999. We highly recommend the Morrisania Review CD, not only for the quality of their singing and arrangements, but also because the members are legends   in the history of 1950's rhythm and blues vocal group harmony music. If you have a chance to get their CD,  please do. You will not be disappointed!

Great Day In The Bronx

December 26,1998 will be remembered by us as a very special day. It marked the culmination of several months of e-mails and phone calls and coordination of schedules. But finally, on that memorable day, Bill Lindsay would return to the Bronx and re-unite with former singing buddies Arthur Crier, Waldo Champen and Freddy Barksdale. The meeting took place at Lehman College, and included the filming of a special edition of "Doo Wop Is Alive", the theme of which was "The Return Of Bill Lindsay". We had the opportunity to participate in that program along with Beverly Lindsay (Bill's daughter) who had come up from DC for the get together. The show aired in the Bronx  on Public Access TV on January 2, 1999. The reunion was heartwarming, to say the least. And it was a special treat, during the filming, to listen to an impromptu acapella rendition of "I Will Wait" with Bill leading and Waldo, Arthur & Freddy providing backup. Since that meeting, we have been informed that Bill is expected to join the Morrisania Revue for their performance February 13, 1999 at the UGHA "Black History Month" show at Symphony Space in NYC. We'll be there too to bask in the glow of the lush harmonies that will be permeating the theater that day.  Welcome back Bill !

Following are some photos from the December 26th meeting.


(l-r Waldo, Freddy, Arthur, Bill)


(l-r front Freddy, Bill, Beverly, Nikki; back Jim, Arthur,Waldo)

Bev & Bill

Bill & Beverly having a Father-Daughter chat before the show.

Bill, Freddie, Champ

Freddie, Bill & Waldo caught in an animated moment during the filming of

"Doo Wop Is Alive"


(l-r Freddie, Bill Johnson, Beverly, Bill, Jim)

After a long morning of filming, it was time for lunch ! The group around the table here is Freddie, Bill Johnson (Beverly's special guy), Beverly, Bill (Beverly's special Dad) and Jim. Nikki is conspicuous by her absence, but I guess somebody had to take the picture. (Her flash can be seen reflected in the mirror.)


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