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Jim, Nikki & Jack Seidl , co-host of "Streetcorner Serenade" at WWUH  on 5/9/98 for "Detroit" guest show, which featured some of the groups profiled on this site.

Jim enjoys writing and arranging music, performing as a singer / keyboard player , listening to Doo-Wop and Gospel music,

and when time permits, a good game of Scrabble.  

Edsels"Back in the early 60's, a radio show from NYC, hosted by a guy called "Swingin' Slim" from Times Square Records caught my ear. The music featured vocal group harmony from the 50's and it was certainly more exciting than what the top 40 stations were playing. After a few listens, I was hooked. And thus, a love of vocal group harmony was born. I collected the records, sang the songs on the streetcorner with my own groups, and eventually branched out into other types of music. But the foundation of my musicalinterest and the area that has been the most moving to me has always been the sound of human voices coming together in harmony."..............................................Jim

(Picture at left is The Edsels)     


Nikki is a record collector of mostly 1950's R&B and Gospel vocal group harmony 45's; enjoys doing collector guest spots on radio shows that showcase this music, and researching information on the groups & labels that made it all happen!

Growing up in the late 50's/early 60's, meant listening to Alan Fredrick's "Night Train" show & attending his "Night Train" hops on Long Island. In the 1970's, it was the "Sounds of the 50's" (WBAU), "Time Capsule Show" (WFUV), "DooWop Shop" (WCBS), and "Johnny Angel" (WHBI). In 1979, I founded and organized the Long Island Rock & Roll Assoc. (LIRRA),which promoted the 1950's vocal group sound, and existed to 1983. Being an active member of United In Group Harmony Assoc. (UGHA) since 1979, I am still able to enjoy this wonderful art form not only on radio, record, & cd, but also in live performances of our "harmony heroes"...........................................Nikki  

(picture at right is Ronnie & The Hi-Lites)

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